Take our 30 second questionnaire to instantly assess your HR risk. If you say yes to more than 4 questions - you need help!

  • Do you have a strategy for the Human Resources department?
  • Is there an established Employment Equity Forum?
  • Have you had any Department of Labour inspections?
  • Have you had any CCMA/Bargaining Council arbitrations, internal grievances in the past 12 months?
  • Is your management staff trained in human resources policies and procedures?
  • Is the company compliant with its policies and procedures?
  • Are all policies and procedures communicated and enforced?
  • Do you have the necessary legislative workplace posters up in the workplace?
  • Do you do background checks, employment and educational verification, criminal records, driving records, credit checks, and job related assessments?
  • Are your personnel files (cloud or paper) secure, with limited access to those on a need to know basis?
  • Do you have an established process and managers trained to ensure that company standards are being followed prior to disciplining or terminating an employee?
  • Are the appropriate payroll deductions being made?
  • Do you have clearly defined employee classifications (i.e. full-time, part-time, temporary, short-term, exempt, non-exempt, regular employee, independent contractor)?
  • Is the pay structure reviewed regularly?
  • Do you have a written policy for absenteeism and punctuality?
  • Do you have a time keeping system in place?
  • Do you submit all statutory returns? Bi annually and yearly?

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